Early ORION ENGINEERING was founded in 1993 when the company operated as a small machine shop under a different beginning name.In the biggining the main activity of the company was making spare parts for agricultural machines, as well as classical mechanical services. Passing through various stages of unfavorable and favorable economic conditions in our country, our engineering workshop managed to affirm its recognizable image and find its place in the metal industry.

Today ORION ENGINEERING is a company with 30 employees tend to increase the knowledge and the number and training of employees, expanding the range of services and products,conquering new market segments and constant improvement of the management team of the company. The main activity of the company is manufacturing spare parts for industry and construction of molds for casting plastic , injection plastic and tools for drilling, bending and cutting sheets.Production program is following by modern machines (CNC milling, CNC lathe, CNC wire erozimat) allowing the production of quality high-sensitivity constructural features. ORION INZENERING owns equipment and engineering professional team in designing the most sophisticated CAD-CAM software (MASTERCAM X7), so that the preparation of the part or tool can be conducted from idea to realization.

On the top of the company is engineering team which is trying to the greater extent use modern tehnology, in the production and construction works ,that provides time savings, increase yield and better quality by using modern software packages and CNC machine-processable centers, not neglecting the traditional methods of processing.

This is our reference list of clients:

      • KROMBERG & SCHUBERT - BITOLA – automotive industry
      • DREKSLER MAJER - KAVADARCI – automotive industry
      • MIKROSAM АД ПРИЛЕП – composites manufacturing
      • VITAMINKA AD Prilep – food industry
      • PRILEPSKA PIVARNICA AD PRILEP -  company for beer production
      • KOMFI ANGEL - Prilep – Apparel
      • PECATNICA 11ti OKTOMVRI - Prilep   - printing company
      • LAMINATI COM - Prilep – factory for composite materials
      • MERMEREN KOMBINAT - Prilep – marble company
      • LARIN MARBLE COMPANY - SKOPJE  - marble company
      • BALKAN MIRABLE INDUSTRIES - SKOPJE – marble company
      • CHIFTJILDIZ MERMER - Prilep - marble company
      • DRENIK M - SKOPJE  – cotton factory
      • KRIN K.G. PRILEP – company processing granite and marble
      • KRIN PROIZVODSTVO PRILEP - company for processing granite and marble
      • AFIKS PLAST - Prilep – production of plastic pipes
      • POLIMERI PLAST PRILEP – production of plastic
      • FUSTELARKO BOREC AD BITOLA – printing house
      • KOPER NEGOTINO – factory for stoves
      • METALEC AD BITOLA – factory for stoves