• Turning,CNC scraping
  • Milling,CNC milling
  • Electroerosion- electrode, CNC wire electroerosion
  • Grinding
  • Engraving
  • Plastic deformacion- puching
  • Heat tretment
  • Mechanical processing of small and middle series
  • Machine-welding services
  • Replacement of spindles on hidaulic pistons
  • Other services like repair of pumps, reducers and so on.



Spare parts by order of various mechanical constructures following the example part, with or without  technical documentation and technical documentation on its own ,in written or electronic form (receive orders through the Internet) such as: 

  • axes, shafts and halfshafts
  • Cylindrical gears with slanted and evan teeth,gear spindels
  • Chainwheels 
  • Nuts and axes and shafts with nuts
  • Pulley beltwheel, toothed beltwheel
  • Worms and worm gear

The various types of materials such as steels of different qualities, alluminium, bronze, brass, plastic, composite materials and other.Also we are producing parts and equipment made of inox - prokron for the food industry in our area. 

Construction and production of various molds/tools such as:

  • Casting molds for plastic,aluminum and other
  • Molds for plastic injection
  • Tools for punching, bending and cutting sheet

The development of the tools and molds  is made by example or an idea, based on our own construction or  supplied by customer , by contract. Optionally can be ordered final  product with complete technical documentation.

Considering our ability to developing the tools/molds we offering our client possibility of making  parts and products from different materials such as sheet metal,steel,plastic to 60g. and we bear the maintenance cost of the tolls and molds.

  • Design of mechanical structures by order
  • Elevators with smaller dimensions (F110x6000 mm)
  • Lightning rod
  • Design and mounting of inox fence 
  • Own production locksmith products
  • Custom manufacturing of agricultural equipment such as three-wings and four-wings  harrows, plowshares, wedges for harrows, boards for plows, sheeting for plows and spare parts for agarar industry (combine parts))