In our company runs a shop for sealing:

  • Batteries
  • External and internal tires for cars, trucks and agricultural machines
  • Different types of motor and industrial oils and fats
  • filters
  • bolts and nuts with a machine head, hexagon, with a conical head, headless, selfcutting, blued, zinc, brass, stainless steel quality 8.8 to 9.12
  • bolts and nuts for truck wheels as brezons, trilexes, Europe screws
  • spare parts and autokozmetic
  • Spare parts for agricultural machines like tractors,combines and presses and agricultural machinery like a harrows, plows, rotary mowers 135 and 165, spreyers,spreaders, milking equipment, sowing machines e.t.c. and other agricultural equipment
  • Various types belts
  • Various types PFI bearings for general purpose automotive wheel bearings and tensioners
  • Mechanical seals for pumps NGP, all kinds of oil seals, cord, klingerit, graphite rings
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic cuff and sets, wipers, O rings etc...